So,No TF toys exclusives for NYCC 2014?

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So,No TF toys exclusives for NYCC 2014?

Post by Tigermegatron »

Sometimes Hasbro does exclusives for NYCC and sometimes they don't.

It's just kinda odd for Hasbro to have a few TF panels at NYCC 2014 but not to sell any exclusives.

I think if they were planned,We would of heard of them by now. With barely a week left,I doubt their will be any revealed on-line a day or Two before NYCC starts.

I had strongly guessed that the leaked Hasbro on-line TF list of a Black 30th Leader Jetfire and that Black optimus were going to be NYCC 2014 exclusives.

Thinking that Black 30th leader Jetfire can still get released as a USA Retail mass release redeco in future waves of the 30th Leader case assortments. Guessing Wave 1 will be all Jetfires. While Wave 2 might be Jetfire and G-1 Megatron. With wave 3 being Armada Megatron & Black deco Jetfire.

Suppose that 30th Black decos for Jetfire and Optimus can be store exclusives or black friday exclusives. Maybe even site exclusives that are shared between BBTS &
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