Last 3 episodes of American Dad airing on Fox before switch

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Last 3 episodes of American Dad airing on Fox before switch

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Last 3 newer episodes of American Dad are airing on Fox before switch to TBS in October 2014.

Last week on Fox, on Sunday, there was Two new episodes of American Dad that aired back to back. Fear not,if you missed them,The Cartoon Network will air both Episodes this coming Monday at night,then re-run them the same day later that night.

The 3rd & last new episode of American Dad will air this Sunday on fox.

Then afterwards TBS will start airing newer episodes of American Dad starting in October. TBS thus far has said they ordered 2 seasons of newer episosdes of american dad.

Cartoon Network will still air the newer episodes of American that Fox and TBS air.

On top of that,You've got on demand or something similar on your cable, that shows newer episodes after they have aired.

I tried watching Two of the last 3 episodes on american dad on youtube yesterday. but Youtube had them removed and banned the users who put them up.

Hulu or didn't have these newer american dad episodes up on their sites yet. Think they have to wait a full 8 days per there contract to give others a chance to air them. it's also a paid subscription scam they do by allowing paid subscribers to see the newer eps days before unpaid members.

Don't trust the sites that want you to download something in order to view newer episodes they have on their site. think those downloads things have viruses or tracking stuff in them.
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