IDW 2021 Halloween Special

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IDW 2021 Halloween Special

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Transformers Halloween Special:

Summary: Starscream investigates a reported oddity in a dangerous/remote area, and finds his old mentor trapped in horrific circumstances. A character study ensues.

This is much better than last year's "Valentine's Day Special". At the most basic level, it does not read like inventory-content held over from before the 2019 reset. (The Cosmos/Blastoff story was clearly written and drawn to be part of "Lost Light".) And, less basic by more important, it does not read like it was written by Tumblr-types.

The story asks and answers the question of "what Starscream is really like" while not actually answering (staying purposefully ambiguous, like the character). This comic is also the best handling of sparks (one of my least favorite parts of the lore) since the concept was introduced 25 years ago.

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