Transformers: King Grimlock

The modern comics universe has had such a different take on G1, one that's significantly represented by the Generations toys, so they share a forum. A modern take on a Real Cybertronian Hero. Currently starring Generations toys, IDW "The Transformers" comics, MTMTE, TF vs GI Joe, and Windblade. Oh wait, and now Skybound, wheee!
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issue 4

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Issue 4:

Grimlock (who would either be a player character, or the moderator controlled character to help the players) gets to the last fight at the end of the issue. The art is a bit worse this issue. Some of it might be the artist trying to parse out a script that is asking too much. But, some of the individual panels make the writing less clear.

The foundational idea of this series is not bad. But, it is better in concept than execution, and not remotely good enough to carry the art.
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