How do you feel about paying double for a Platinum version?

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How do you feel about paying double for a Platinum version?

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How do you feel about paying double for a Platinum TF toy version?

Personally,It doesn't really make any sense. All Hasbro is doing is creating a newer box,different colors & maybe some molds get newer heads & make some get remolded parts. I just don't think any of this warrants buyers having to pay double price.

I might have bought Platinum Omega Supreme had it cost $50 to $60 but at $99.99,I just think that's a extreme exspensive mark up price.

I'd still have a hard time paying $40 for that Energon Optimus Leader sized toy. Due to it being so terrible in all modes. I'd Never,ever pay a 150% mark up price to get the Platinum toy version.

I actually think the Weaponizers $30 TFP Optimus prime toy had the better colors & better parts. I just didn't care for the Platinum Ultra Magnus newer colors as the optimus darker colors made the mold look like it was meant for a higher kids age. I thought all the newer Ultra magnus sculpted parts on this mold ruined it & was extreme overkill. I saw the Platiunum UM toy at TRU a few months ago,It was a easy pass. I'd have a hard time paying $30 for platinum UM,I just don't think it's worth $60+

About the only Platinum TF toy that I think was low/normal priced was the Platinum Predaking gift set.

I'm kinda hoping Hasbro in the USA releases the GDO Asia HFTD Leader sized G-1 Deco Starscream as a Platinum version with a newer G-1 Seeker head sculpt & maybe some kings accessories. I think a fair mark up price would be $60 to $70,not $100

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