30th line won't end in 2014,due takara 30th being in 2015.

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30th line won't end in 2014,due takara 30th being in 2015.

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I suspect the 30th TF line won't end in 2014,due takara's 30th anniversary being in 2015. The Takara TF line started in 1985 in japan.

The 2015 toy year for Hasbro will be a slow one. With TFP/BH gone,TF 4 toys winding down & on there last leg. So Hasbro is going to need something to fill the 2015 TF toy year with. The 2015 newer Takara 30th toys,Hasbro will most likely sell a few of them in the USA/Global.

Hasbro extending toy line anniversaries,to the next year has been done before with previous Hasbro brands like Star Wars,G.I Joe & TF.

I suspect Takara will want a whole bunch of new molds,remolds & repaints released in Japan in 2015,So they can properly celebrate there own 30th TF toy line Anniversary. Takara has done this in the past with other Takara TF annniversaries.

Since Takara's caters there TF toy lines to a much older buyers age. Takara will no doubt release a whole bunch of newer mold MP TF toys in 2015. My guess is MP TF Starsabre is a easy prediction for a 2015 Takara Japan release date. MP TF Ultra magnus will probably get delayed in 2014 & get released in january 2015 in japan.

Sure Hasbro will have the 2014 fall newer TF cartoon series toys to sell in 2015. but these toys most likely won't hit shelves/production until April/May of 2015,maybe later like the TFP & TFA toy lines were. So filler/side lines is needed in 2015.

Hopefully by this time in 2015,Hasbro has cancelled the Construct-bots toy line & drastically reduced cyber-verse. As I dis-like these.

I just don't see the USA TF toy lines market being that strong enough for Hasbro to convince it's retailers to carry year Two TF4 toys in 2015. like Hasbro was able to do with ROTF & it's secondary label lines like nest,HFTD,RTS. Hasbro & Stores ran into the problem of too many ROTF,Nest,HFTD,RTS shelf/peg warmers still in stores in extreme amounts when the DOTM toys were set to hit stores. The USA retailers didn't want any year 2 DOTM toys in 2012,So Hasbro was forced to cancel these toys in the USA & other countries. So it's doubtful USA retailers will want to carry year 2 TF4 toys in 2015.
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