Looking back at the 2013 TF toy lines,the good & bad.

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Looking back at the 2013 TF toy lines,the good & bad.

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Looking back at the 2013 TF toy lines,the good & bad. Yeah I know we still got 6 weeks before 2013 wraps up,but at this point there is only a handful of recolors or new molds that might still get released.

Compared to other TF toy lines years,I think 2013 had a lot of winners/superb toy molds. Clearly 2013 TF toys did better in sculpt/engineering/poseabilty than the year 1999,2000,2011,2012,etc...

While this may all boil down to personal preferences. I think the 2013 Generations toys really helped this 2013 TF toy year <---So many clear winners here.

Even those on-line Fans who were not pleased with the 2012 TFP toys. Did acknowledge that the 2013 BH toy line made some decent/better toys compared to the TFP 2013 toys.

My good/bad 2013 TF toy list will be short.

2013 GOOD TF toys:
1- Titan Metroplex
2- BH Ultimate Predaking
3- BH Voyager Shockwave.
4- Generations Springer
5- Generations Blitzwing.

2013 Bad TF toys:
2- Kreon/Kreo
3- Coloring most of the BH deluxes in super ugly colors compared to the more beautiful Takara colors.

Those BH 2013 Five Legions sized terrorcons get a 50/50 good/bad score. I thought the Sculpts were great in all modes. But sadly the toys needed to be bigger like having them all be deluxes. Having them all be Legion sized toys clearly hurt the sculpts as far as cheap thin light plastic & loose joints went.

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