Quantity over quality,is Hasbro making more inferior toys?

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Quantity over quality,is Hasbro making more inferior toys?

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Quantity over quality,is Hasbro making more inferior toys these days & less awesome TF toys?

How about the TF toy sizes. Does everyone here prefer the super tiny (Bot shots,Kreon,Legends,commanders,Deluxes )TF toys & not like the Bigger (Voyager,Ultra,Super,Leader,supreme,MP) sized TF toys as much. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the smaller sized TF toys will always be inferior to the bigger scaled TF toys due to as follows: thinner plastic,less parts,less complex,simplier transformation,lower sculpt,less paint aps,etc... The bigger Sized TF toys take more time to create than the super tiny ones do.

The DOTM toy line was epic fail & did bad in stores. Because it was over run by smalls. Hasbro launched the Cyber-verse smalls theme that over ran the entire DOTM toy line. Their was a 1 to 10 ratio. for every big toy made,9 small ones were made. Also due to so many other TF toy lines running while Dotm was like Kreo,The budget,talent & man power were spread thin leading to inferior product all around.

It just seems like the Hasbro TF toy ratio is 1 to 15. One decent TF toy while the other 14 are epic awful.

It seems like the new Hasbro TF brand strategy is creating a whole bunch of inferior TF toy lines they know are garbage just to rake in the profits. like Kreon/Kreon,Construct-bots,Cyberverse,bot shots,Rescue bots,Role play,etc...

Having so many TF toy lines ruinning at the same time in a year. means the Hasbro employees teams are spread more thin,resources are spread thin,budgets per line are lowered,the factories are over loaded,those takara designers get more work,etc...

Personally I rather Hasbro only release 25 new TF toys per year that were all made in high quality & top notch. Instead of getting so much awful garbage & barely anything decent to off set all that garbage.

If I had my way Hasbro/Takara would only release 12 Masterpiece TF toys per year world wide & that it. all in the 8 inch ultra,leader & bigger size scales. At least here were guaranteed 12 epic awesome molds,that are being made in high quality & no short cuts.

I just don't need boxes/display shelves/rooms full of epic garbage TF toys. Because Hasbro feels they can make a quick buck by lowering the budget & focusing on quanity instead of quality.

Hasbro isn't fooling anyone,Major retail stores across the USA have noticed all the Infeior TF product hasbro is shipping to stores. Hasbro's plan of trying to cover all the toy aisles with dozens of different themed TF toys in desperate attemps to rack in more cash IS EPIC FAILING. In response most USA retail stores are now ordering less of the Main TF toy brands like the movie-verse,TF toy line with a cartoon attached & generations. Most USA retail stores in 2013 ordered such low volume of BH & Generations that if you blinked they were gone. in order for a fan to get these toys,they had to order them on-line or work for the store stocking the toys.

Construct-bot's is epic failure,I don't see any hope/improvent their. due to the ugly sculpted thin plastic generic snap on parts. and due to the line being overly consumed with the current core cast of Characters hasbro is obsessed with.

Kreo I see some hope for,if Hasbro focuses on trying to create some Generation one themed building sets. If Hasbro plans to ruining it by doing the same core cast than don't bother. This G-1 themed Kreo build it line could thrive if Hasbro did some G-1 character homages that didn't receive any homages in the other TF toy lines like as follows: 1- Leader sized kreo build it 1987 Sixshot,With all 6 modes. 2- Some city-bots & base bots like fortress maximus,omega supreme,Trypticon. 3- Tripple changers at the voyager & 8 inch ultra size scales. 4- Some Japanese G-1 exclusive characters done at the voyager,ultra,leader & supreme sizes. 5-Maybe sell some G-1 combiners sold as individual packs,like selling 5 deluxe sized kreo build its that merge to form a gestalt. 6- Some kreo build it animal-bot transformers like the Dinoots,Insecticons,predacons,etc...

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