The Transformers (IDW, formerly "Robots in Disguise")

The IDW Comics universe has had such a different take on G1, one that's now significantly represented by the Generations toys, so they share a forum. A modern take on a Real Cybertronian Hero. Currently starring Generations toys, IDW "The Transformers" comics, MTMTE, TF vs GI Joe, and Windblade.
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Re: The Transformers (IDW, formerly "Robots in Disguise")

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Dominic wrote:Flipped through the current issue yesterday.

Even discounting the art, the writing is enough to keep me away.

I am not conceptually against using "Robots in Disgrace" as the media-support for the current toys. That does not ruin the series as a whole. But, if they are going to use this series to push "Combiner Wars", then maybe the Combiners they have in the comics should be possible to make? I dunno. call me crazy. (The one thing that *almost* made the McGuffin of Combination tolerable was a presumed mandate to include combiners. In this case, Barber is making impossible Combiners from characters that no longer have toys on shelves.)
Yeah, reading summaries of this is just...weird. Almost as weird as that crazy Protectobot combiner that turned up in Scioli's garbage.
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