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Some cartoon with big chins and a little girl that got beloved by fans and taken off TV to make way for a different show on another network. Yeah, that's fair.
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Re: SDCC animated news

Post by JediTricks »

My deluxe Lockdown has black paint over that eye partly, I thought it was a paint mistake but now maybe it was intentional.

Personally, I think that blue looks lousy there.
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Re: SDCC animated news

Post by onslaught86 »

Hrm, my Lockdown doesn't, I'd assume random paint error since it doesn't match the stock images or the show. As for the blue, it's at least drastically different from the original colour scheme - unlike the Blazing deluxe repaint. If they'd swapped colour schemes with these, I'd be much more inclined to pick up the Deluxe.

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Re: SDCC animated news

Post by CrossRook »

I'm gonna paint an eye-patch on the Stealth Lockdown Repaint. Just because.

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