o86's thoughts on Jetfire, Jetstorm, and pack-in comic

Some cartoon with big chins and a little girl that got beloved by fans and taken off TV to make way for a different show on another network. Yeah, that's fair.
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Re: o86's thoughts on Jetfire, Jetstorm, and pack-in comic

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I bought these toys,played with them. then a few days later returned them. the individual robot modes were decent. the jet modes were horrible & looked like sideways milk cartons. the combined jet mode looked like two jets having sex. the combined robot mode had too much kibble on the back. the combined robot mode failed because two deluxes robots didn't create a huge robot mode. the combined robot mode wasn't even voyager size.

While i dis-liked safeguard,I thought this would have made a decent botcon or store exclusive darkwing & dreadwind recolored toys. sadly this never happened.

Safeguard in all it's modes always seemed like a 1990's Takara Brave toys homage.

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