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Re: mouse-over ads

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JediTricks wrote:
Dominic wrote:I just changed my email password from a more secure terminal. And, (viewing the forums from that terminal), I cannot see the links now.

-off to warn IT.
Did you change your site password as well?
This was all over the place, including in posts from long-term members.

I did not bother to attempt a restore because I did not have admin rights on the machine that I was using. (Mind you, I have gotten away with some command line stuff on these machines, so I probably should have tried it.) I would have done Malware Bytes, but I figured it was best to let IT know in any case.
Doing a system restore on a networked machine requires super-admin rights, and cannot be run via command line interface. The odds are I'd say at least 50/50 the machine wasn't infected with a true virus but just a cached malware-behaving element, especially on a machine where end users don't have admin rights to install software. The good thing about Chrome is that it has its own task manager, from there you could have seen if it was running and even killed it. But on a network machine, probably no access to Chrome browser.

Tigermegatron wrote:
JediTricks wrote:No, I'm not seeing this. I wouldn't put ads in without discussing it with you guys first, and if I did put ads in, I sure as shit wouldn't bother with those sorts of things, they're worthless traffic so they're never going to generate revenue in the long-term.

Most likely a site you or a previous user visited deposited its royal jelly in the browser's cache and there's a javascript or other plugin frame on the page creating spam ad links. I would suggest closing browser, clearing cache, and if need be, using a different browser entirely. It's possible though that the machine you're using is infected with a virus, so be aware. Also, when you get to a more secure terminal (home?) change your site password.
It sounds like you need to do a system restore setting point,which basically backs up your computer to a ealier date that you choose,since these adware viruses don't go away that easily. If you have windows 7,I would suggest going to your computer start menu,then clicking on your control panel,then clicking on the "System & security" link,then click on the "back up & restore" link,then clicking on the "recover system setting or your computer" link,click on the "system retore" link. Then click on a System retore date from a few weeks ago <-----------doing this has a higher success rate of getting rid of adware viruses.

in the past (about a year ago) When I had a adware virus,I tried to use various anti-virus programs like "ESET,VIPRE,MICROSOFT SAFETY SCANNER,MCAFEE,These anit virus programs would Quarantine the virus or get rid of it. but most adware viruses come right back.
I also tried to clear my cookies,clear the stuff in my browser catche,clear the temp files,delete the temp% files,delete the prefetch files >----- sadly the adware kept comming back. THE BEST WAY TO GET RID OF ADWARE VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER IS TO USE A SYSTEM RESTORE DATE FROM A FEW WEEKS AGO----->THIS WILL GET RID OF YOUR ADWARE VIRUSES.

Depending on how malicious the Adware virus is,if doing a system restore back up date doesn't work. your going to have to do a complete system reboot. doing a system reboot is easy,all you have to do is use the factory CD's that came with your computer. DON'T TAKE YOUR COMPUTER TO A REPAIR SHOP,THOSE GUYS ARE RIPP OFFS,THEY'LL TRY TO CHARGE YOU OVER $175. paying $175 is insane considering you could buy a brand new computer for under $260 at Walmart.

#1 Rule I go by,When you go to these TF moderated forums or message boards,Never click on a link in a thread from a Newbie or from those users you suspect are trolls <--------- Because these guys are infamous for posting links with viruses in them.
Why did you quote me when you posted this? I don't have a system infection.

Also, a restore point won't solve anything until the offending file is first scrubbed from the harddrive.

I click funky links all the time, my machine is tight enough and the browsers I use secure enough that I don't have to fear any web-based behavior.
Sorry,I mis-quoted you by accident.

I didn't realize,Dom,was using a work computer. I thought he was referring to his home computer.

If you suspect the work computer you use had any adware viruses,Then alert the computer tech guys at your work place. Most work places have computer tech guys that get paid to fix this sort of thing.

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