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April Hauls!

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:48 am
by BWprowl
Start the month off with the AmiAmi order, while the hugeass BBTS order and a spiteful eBay purchase are still in transit.

Nendoroid Mitsumine Mashiro – Engaged to the Unidentified is one of my favorite shows in recent memory, and Mashiro was basically made to be a Nendoroid, so here we are. In a rare case for the line, this toy is actually designed in a call to a specific SD instance in the series: the ending theme, where Mashiro opens sitting at a table singing about how much she likes curry and can totally eat it when it’s spicy because she likes it that way and isn’t a child at all. It’s a rather light Nendo release, compared to the truckloads of accessories that came with the other ones I’ve gotten, Chris and Sakura, but what she has is cute and effective. I especially like the tiny not-Nessie figurine she include, and posing her happily holding it is a joy. Given the delays that just this figure encountered, and that Engaged didn’t exactly take off as a popularity juggernaut (I think it did okay) I can’t see any of the other characters from the series getting rendered in this form, which is too bad, but I’ll still happily take this one.

Symphogear G Visual Collection: Some of the art in here is a bit fanservicy for my tastes (though at least Symphogear’s fanservice tends to be in pretty good taste, compared to other shows), but there’s also a lot of really cool stuff. Some great key visuals I haven’t seen before, and some cool casual outfits for all the characters that disappointingly didn’t get included in the show itself. Glad I bought it, can’t wait for Symphogear GX in a few months.

Guilty Gear Xrd Ramlethal acrylic keychain: It’s a little keychain of Ramlethal from Guilty Gear Xrd! It’s a bit cheaper than I was expecting, but it’s cool, and I love Ramlethal, so. No idea what I’m gonna do with it, I don’t really use keychains on my keys (a couple of the Symphogear keychains I got a while back ended up as rearview-mirror-danglies in my car, with nothing to do with the rest of them).

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:02 pm
by BWprowl
Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Man: Since getting into Spider-Man via the modern comics, I've gotten ML figures of Kaine as Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly as Spider-Man, and Agent Venom, but I was lacking a plain ol' Peter Parker Amazing Spider-Man. So this very recent release'll do the trick. It's your standardly very-posable, nicely-styled Spider-dude, and the swappable hands are VERY appreciated (I hate hate HATE it when Spider-Man toys have one hand eternally web-shooting). The bonus mouth-exposed head and pizza slice are cute accessories. A good figure to have.

Annoyingly, the only other toy I really want from this wave is the Hobgoblin BAF. It's the modern Phil Urich version, who is easily one of my favorite characters from current Spider-Man comics, so of course he ends up as the BAF for the whole wave. The complete figure on its own does seem to be reasonably priced on eBay (~$50) so I'll probably just go that route.

Hoping Spider-Gwen gets a Marvel Select...

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:51 pm
by Shockwave
Massive haul from BBTS: Leader Megatron G1 and Armada flavor. Review of G1 Megs in the appropriate thread. Gonna sell Armada one. Just don't need two these. Also got the remaining CW limbs. Again, reviews to come.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:01 am
by JediTricks
Star Wars 6" Han Stormtrooper - pretty good, just the existing Han head on a lightly-modded existing Stormtrooper body. The body is modded at the neck piece to accommodate the Han head, and they slipped a black ribbed collar over that, the joint is not limited by this, it looks really decent. The removable helmet looks good, although the small lenses are wonky, and Han's hair keeps it from sitting as low as a regular trooper slightly.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:29 am
by BWprowl
Assload of toys:

Combiner Wars Wave 2 Deluxes: Breakdown, Dead End, Offroad, and Airraid. The Stunticons are a step up from the Aerialbots, definitely, both in design, and coolness of altmodes, and not-all-looking-exactly-the-same-ness. Dead End's probably my favorite, love his altmode and his beat-down pipe. Menasor works great combined, love how he looks all properly together, though some of the dudes have trouble working good shoulders as arms (Dead End and Offroad probably make the best arms). My Menasor holds together and stands up just fine. I also exacto'd down the pegs on the chest a bit, so now Blackjack fits on there nice and snug.

Combiner Wars Leader case: Megatron and Armada Megatron: The shoulders are bizarre and iffy, but otherwise every good thing you've heard about this toy is true. I'm wary of the silver paint, but man does it look good for now. And that headsculpt, that friggin' headsculpt is amazing. Transformation works well (it is similar to the Legends version, but has been decently complexified and is fun) and the tank mode is a solid-looking thing with presence. The Armada flavor is cool too, also sporting a cool headsculpt, and nice colors (though I kind of hate his stupid silver chest for a variety of reasons). Worth having both of them, in my opinion. Only problems are that the G1 version of Megatron, per Six, has already co-opted Menasor's sword, and there it may remain, and I also have NO IDEA if I'm going to put the Autobot stickers on him or not. I just don't know!

Beast Wars Wal-Mart Transmetal Rattrap: Bought to spite both Dom and FunPub, to various degrees. Transmetal Packrat is a damn nice color scheme on a cool little toy on his own, though, and for twenty dollars shipped for it MOSC, sure. Now we see how long the chrome on mine lasts. >_>

Still want a Galvatron redeco of the ArMegs version of the mold.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:12 am
by JediTricks
SW Rebels Hera & Stormtrooper Commander - this is the only way to get Hera, and the commander has 3 troops to hang with on the troop transport. Hera is good, the paint is a little sloppy but not too bad, the expression is slightly squinted. Her waist is fairly high for a Rebels figure, but I think the character design has that as well. The neck joint on her is at her head, unusual for a Rebels figure, but it's not a ball joint. She comes with a tiny hold-out blaster. The commander is I think the standard Rebels trooper but with a non-removable orange pauldron between the head and torso, a la the sandtrooper. The back and sides have a black paint stripe that is inaccurate to the character, but since he's a commander I guess he's allowed to be different.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:45 pm
by 138 Scourge
Finally found a Brainstorm at a Marshall's around here. He's pretty keen looking. I like the Headmaster gimmick well enough, but I'd happily trade the Headmaster thing for a head with a removable faceplate.

Also picked up Mortal Kombat X for the PS4. I'm happy with it so far beyond some frustration with the DLC stuff. They got me to spend extra for the limited edition to get more characters (mainly i wanted to play as Jason Vorhees real bad holy crap) and it turns out that those characters will be downloadable in a couple weeks. Sumbitch. Still, fun as hell and the game looks amaxing so I'm not gonna gripe all that much.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:02 am
by Onslaught Six
I'm waiting for actually owning a PS4 to buy MKX (I'm going to get one by Sept. 1st because that's when MGSV comes out) and also the fact that, by then, there will likely be a complete edition like there was MK9.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:07 pm
by JediTricks
Star Wars The Force Awakens free poster
Hot Wheels Star Wars R2-KT charity car
Hot Wheels Star Wars Boba Fett
Hot Wheels Star Wars Chopper
Star Tots Hoth Luke
Star Tots Bespin Han
Star Tots Dengar
One-off Darth Vader Texas Instruments Watch Promo T-shirt

Guess where I was.

Re: April Hauls!

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:49 pm
by Onslaught Six
I got my pay raised to $9.50/hour at work (everyone company-wide did) so I basically spent way too much fucking money buying GI Joe crap:

-Joeclub FSS Hit & Run and Bombadier: These cost some pretty pennies on the eBizzle, but I was willing to pay it. H&R is a great representation of the vintage character, in a nicely updated "modern" style. His head mould has no hair, so it's painted, and the club did a very weird "spot" pattern for his beard, but from afar it works really well. Bombadier is based off an unreleased European repaint of Flash, and is pretty faithful to that--lots of people bitched and he became unpopular, letting me grab him loose for probably less than he cost at the actual FSS.
-Crimson Horseman: Just a second one, grabbed under $10, that's a deal. Now I have a pair, which is all I wanted.
-HISS Commander: HISS Driver repaint that's mostly styled after the early 2000s HISS Driver repaint Rip It, who I always wanted but couldn't afford back in the 2004 days (I wasn't even 18, you think I had money for eBay?), but he's neat as a blue-and-red inversion of the HISS Driver colour scheme. Mostly got him to drive my DTC HISS.
-Big lot of '82 vehicles including a complete MMS and JUMP pad, plus a busted-ass HAL and Whirlwind that I'm gonna attempt to replace or repair. Got the whole lot for $20 shipped, which isn't bad at all.
-All that talk about Snowcats made me want one, so I managed to snap up a vintage example that's mostly complete, only missing one of the skis and one little clip on the missile launcher is snapped, but it rests pretty well on the rotating thingy so it's not even noticable. Also included the driver, but I sold off my entire pre-25th collection so he's going onto eBay on the next round.
-25th Snow Job and the "Rockslide" which is a repaint/whatever of the old Polar Battle Bear, the little snowmobiles. Part of my goal this year was to get some snow vehicles to fuck around with next winter, and I'm starting to achieve that. Wanna grab a handful of Snow Serpents and three or four more snow Joes and I'll consider it good. Then I just need a handful of desert guys (and a place to take pictures) and I'll have all the big environmental things covered!

...Jesus, putting it all there put it into perspective a little bit. I think I should lay off for a little bit. (The fucked up part is, all my bills are paid up. Uh.)