PS3 updates firmware, it's actually good

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PS3 updates firmware, it's actually good

Post by JediTricks »

I've only had my PS3 since late August, and only had to do 1 firmware OS update, but looking over prior comments from folks about earlier updates, it seems people have never been that thrilled with Sony's updates.

However, this update has some really good stuff in it. First off, and to me it's most important, the web browser has been updated with Flash 9, which means pretty much every video site can now play on the console which means on my TV. No more having to sit at my desk to watch Venture Bros. or Moral Orel commentary videos on my tiny 17" monitor. Last night to test it out I watched the latest Moral Orel commentary video, and then to prove the concept, I watched a new episode of Knight Rider on Hulu (show still sucks ass, likely the last episode I'll ever suffer). I did have a lockup on the browser after checking out a ton of videos, but a quick reboot of the console cured that and I was able to enjoy again.

Also added was an upgrade to how it handles the network account admin system, it can shut down the system and inactive controllers after a set amount of non-use, can play multiple videos saved on the console in an ordered playlist, the system can now turn off after downloading or installing content, music & video now have 9 volume levels instead of 5, music has a pause now, video has a scene search, the trophy system has been updated, offline friends now display when they were last online, and the official PS3 bluetooth headset now displays battery and volume level and uses a high-quality mode. There's also an in-game screenshots feature, but this is limited to a game-by-game basis and currently there's no list of which games are part of that.

All in all, not a bad update.
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