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Re: Star Trek

Post by andersonh1 »

The extended cast of "Strange New Worlds" is announced. ... 13184.html

I was hoping to see more of the characters from the original pilot like Dr. Boyce or Jose Tyler. On the other hand, it's a nice surprise to see a young Uhura, and Doctor M'Benga, who was only in two episodes of the original series I believe. With Nurse Chapel on the show, two of Majel Barret's characters are on the same ship, albeit played by different actors.

I've only seen Anson Mount as Pike on that free episode of Discovery and on some of the Short Treks, but I liked him in the role. Ethan Peck bears no resemblance to Leonard Nimoy and doesn't seem like Spock at all to me. Rebecca Romjin is fine in the role. I won't subscribe to Paramount + for this show, but I'm curious enough to watch it at some point. I just hope they cut the profanity like we saw in Picard, but I doubt they will.

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Re: Star Trek

Post by Sparky Prime »

Ethan Peck's hair as Spock looks terrible here... Which is odd considering they'd already done it better when he was on Discovery. Personally, I don't think he's the best choice for Spock. He makes a good Vulcan... just, not Spock.

Interesting they finally gave Number One a full name... Una Chin-Riley. She'd used the name Una in an episode of Discovery, when she was being asked to state her full name for a debrief/coverup about the events following Discovery's jump to the future, but it was obvious the writers hadn't thought to actually give her one at the time. I like Rebecca Romjin in the role. She and Anson Mount as Pike were really good casting choices.

Seems a little odd to me Uhura and Nurse Chapel would already be posted on the Enterprise. I mean, I guess there's no reason they couldn't have been on the Enterprise before Kirk, I just feel it'd make more sense they were part of the new crew to be assigned to the Enterprise after Pike's era as captain. Celia Rose Gooding and Jess Bush I also don't think really look anything like the characters in the shots they show of them in character.

Nice to see Doctor M'Benga, although I think Babs Olusanmokun should have shaved to fit the look of the character a little more.

A couple new characters... Bruce Horak as Hemmer. He looks like he's an Aenar Andorian? Interesting reference to Enterprise. Kinda wish they'd smoothed out the make up, I don't really like the Discovery version of the Andorians with the extra ridges and spikes on their faces. Good to see an Andorian as a main cast crew member for the first time though. Melissa Navia as Lieutenant Erica Ortegas. And Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh... Noonien-Singh? So she's obviously going to have some connection to Khan, right? Sigh... I already feel like that'll be a mistake.

Also got a new trailer for Picard, a mid-season Lower Deck's trailer, and a new Prodigy trailer.
andersonh1 wrote:
Thu Sep 09, 2021 4:06 am
I won't subscribe to Paramount + for this show, but I'm curious enough to watch it at some point. I just hope they cut the profanity like we saw in Picard, but I doubt they will.
It seems like they generally offer the first episode of these shows seasons for free for a limited time. But yeah, I won't be subscribing to Paramount + either. I just haven't cared for any of these series under Kurtzman's creative control.

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Re: Star Trek

Post by JediTricks »

Man, that new Picard trailer is so cringey, it's just awful.

The ST: Prodigy opening credits go on way, way too long and feel like Voyager for the Starbucks generation, then the ship has to transform so much moooooore!

Holy hell that Spock looks so bad, like an embarrassing cosplayer who really wants you to buy into his fantasy. And Number One should never, EVER, be smiling.
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