The basics

Buying and trading on the open robot market! Optimus Prime might call this slavery, but he's never had to track down Energon Ultra Magnus before.
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The basics

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"Pardon me sir, would you happen to have an errant robot fist lying about?"
"Why yes, my good man, I would be glad to part with it in exchange for any one of the following miniature robots."
"Good news indeed, however I do not have access to any of the items selected on your list. Would you perchance be willing to take money in exchange for that robot fist instead?"

So, now we have a classifieds section. Here, trading can be performed, and you can buy and sell stuff too, as long as you're not a scalper.

In order to ensure that nobody changes their deal in the middle of a deal,
no post editing will be allowed, so please use the "Preview" button to ensure that your post is exactly the way you want it to be.

Users may lock their own threads if they so wish, for example, when a transaction is complete, or a trading list is no longer up to date.

Please keep in mind that the site is in no way responsible for the transactions performed in this section, nor any feedback generated from transactions performed here or elsewhere.
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