Draculus - Universal Monsters mash-up figure

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Draculus - Universal Monsters mash-up figure

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Details and full sized photos: https://tfviews.com/news/toysandcollectibles/3496

I woke up early to preorder Road Rage and there was this as well. The cape looks really bad in the press photos, but the box back looks much better:

I ended up not preordering this figure because unfortunately it's Mindwipe, and as much as I like that figure, the odds aren't good that they fixed the problem with the wing hinges self-destructing and at $32 it's just too much moolah to risk it. It's already sold out on Target.com though, so either the joke's on me or it's on a lot of customers.
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Re: Draculus - Universal Monsters mash-up figure

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I must be seriously oblivious to QC problems or just really lucky that my toys never seem to have them. I still have the Walmart Mindwipe and the wings on him are fine. Also, apparently there was a problem with Weirdwolf, but again, neither of the two copies I've had of him ever had a problem.

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