Angry Birds Transformers is soon to be a thing!

Ancillary, non-main-line stuff. Star Wars TF, Speed Stars, Titanium Series, Robot Heroes, that sort of thing. They're kinda neat, but we all know they're not really that important. Admit it, you know it's true.
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Re: Angry Birds Transformers is soon to be a thing!

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Really? This long? Transformers is a big fish in a small pond. Yeah it's an iconic one but it's not Star Wars-big, ya know? I'm impressed the license went here, it's surely not an obvious choice.
I don't think that so much; Hasbro has the Angry Birds license, so I think Prowl is more like "I'm shocked it took this long for Hasbro to find a way to shoehorn it in." TF is pretty undeniably Hasbro's biggest in-house brand at this point, at least in the boy's market. (I can't speak for how MLP is doing, but that's an entire other discussion.)
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