Year of the Monkey

"What? Transformers made from animals instead of vehicles and stuff? Doesn't sound so great, throw it to Kenner division, maybe they can make a quick buck or something."
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Year of the Monkey

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Last year Hasbro released a special version of Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Cybertron Starscream for the Year of the Horse. To celebrate the Year of the Monkey in 2016, Hasbro is releasing a special edition of Beast Machines Air Attack Optimus Primal, featuring a paint job similar to Primal Prime and a monkey inspired Autobot logo.

It's good to see Hasbro hasn't forgotten about the Beast Era molds. But I am a bit surprised to see them pick this version of Optimus Primal. Guess they wanted to go with another Supreme class figure like they did with Starscream last year.

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Re: Year of the Monkey

Post by andersonh1 »

Interesting choice. I'm not sure if I like this version or the original more. Those bright colors don't really suit a gorilla. Still, I agree that it's good to see a fairly obscure figure like this get a new release.

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